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Best IVF in Thoothukudi.

Best IVF in Thoothukudi, Tamil-Nadu with highest success rate. Low cost IVF packages starting from INR 65,000 only. Book an appointment today.

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Best IVF Center in Thoothukudi, Tamil-Nadu

Get World Class IVF treatment in Thoothukudi, Tamil-Nadu

Ashoka Advanced IVF, an ISO 9001-2015 certified ART centre offers a comprehensive range of infertility services under one roof and we are known for our innovation, integrity, medical and technical excellence, personalized services, and consistent willingness to accept patients facing the most difficult medical challenges.

Ashoka Advanced IVF center’s Director Dr. A Suresh kumar has completed 30 years in leading in infertility management. We takes pride in giving more than 30,000 successful pregnancies through IVF, ICSI, IUI, Donor Sperm, Donor Embryo, Laparoscopy, Hysteroscopy, Time Lapse System, IMSI, Donor Programme, Laser Batching, Surrogacy. The center is under the medical & scientific control of internationally acclaimed IVF specialists.

Why Ashoka IVF?

Many IVF Thoothukudi, Tamil-Nadu failure patients also treated successfully.


Successful Patients

We have treated more than 30,000 childless couples successfully all over the world.


Years of experience

Ashoka IVF in Central India's First ICSI and IVF Center and running successfully since 30 years.


Success Rate

Amoung young couples and women, our success rate is even more than 70%.


World Records (Limca Book)

65 Yr old woman gave birth to a child at Ashoka IVF and its a world record.

What is IVF

Learn more about IVF, cost of IVF treatment in Thoothukudi, Tamil-Nadu, Steps of IVF and success rate of IVF in Thoothukudi, Tamil-Nadu

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is a technique where a woman’s eggs and man’s sperm are combined in a special laboratory. The process involves monitoring and stimulating a woman's ovulatory process, removing eggs from the woman's ovaries and letting sperm fertilize them Culture Media in a laboratory. After the fertilized egg undergoes embryo culture for 2–6 days, it is implanted in the woman's uterus, with the intention of establishing a successful pregnancy.

The whole process of collecting eggs and sperms, fertilizing, incubation and embryo transfer is done in the laboratory in the supervision of trained medical personnel. Then after 14 days, the pregnancy test is done to confirm the pregnancy. This medical paragon has created thousands of families at Ashoka Advanced IVF, fulfilling the dreams of countless hopeful couples.

Steps of In Vitro Fertilization

  1. Egg Collection - Egg collection is a simple, painless procedure that usually lasts only half an hour. During this process, the eggs produced by mature follicles are retrieved with the help of a scan probe. Although the procedure doesn’t hurt, it may make you slightly uneasy, that is why it is performed under anaesthesia. The same-day routine typically requires admission of 3-4 hours.
  2. Fertilization - Once we have collected an array of eggs and sperm from you and your partner, we carefully fuse them together to create several embryos. You may be recommended additional technologies, such as pre-implantation genetic screening (PGS), pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) and intra cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), Intracytoplasmic morphologically selected sperm injection (IMSI)to help improve the quality of the resultant embryos. Alternatively, you may be advised a simple IVF procedure.
  3. Embryo Development - During the fertilization phase, we would have ensured that we created several embryos, which can now be graded for quality by their appearance and integrity.
  4. Embryo Transfer - The resulting embryos are shifted into the uterus of the woman.

  5. Pregnancy - Two weeks after your embryo transfer, we will invite you in for a pregnancy test to check whether the procedure has been successful. Then, once you’re six weeks into your pregnancy, we’ll perform an ultrasound scan to check for a heartbeat.
  6. Follow-Ups - If your IVF cycle has been successful, we recommend regular follow-ups, to rule out potential complications. Sometimes, IVF cycles that don’t bear fruit can stir up a torrent of emotions in couples. We seek to connect with couples that may have experienced unsuccessful IVF cycles, through individual counseling sessions. These complimentary consultations offer relief and support in the face of grief and present a range of alternative fertility options that can be pursued.

Cost of IVF Treatment in Thoothukudi, Tamil-Nadu

When you are planning to go for the treatment of IVF in Thoothukudi, Tamil-Nadu, you should always keep three things in mind

1. How much does IVF treatment cost in Thoothukudi, Tamil-Nadu?

2. Uncertainty of IVF success rate?

3. Which will be the best IVF centre with the experienced Doctors and best technology in Thoothukudi, Tamil-Nadu?

By considering all the factors we “Ashoka Advanced IVF” decides to offer the most affordable IVF treatment cost in Thoothukudi, Tamil-Nadu with high success rate and the highly experienced IVF Doctor, Who offers you the best IVF treatment at very minimal cost.

Our Cost of IVF treatment varies from Rs.65,000 to 1,30,000 which is very Budget friendly. This price will vary depending on Blood reports, the amount of medications you're required to take, the number of IVF cycles you undergo and So on. 

Causes Of Infertility

Infertility can be caused by both men and women factors. About a 40% of infertility problems are due to female infertility, another 40% are due to male infertility, 10 % by both partners and remaining 10% infertility cases reasons are unexplained.

Common causes for both sexes are

  1. Delaying marriage
  2. Toxic like Smoking, Tobacco and Alcohol Consumption
  3. Sedentary lifestyle causes Obesity and Stress by lack of physical exercise, changes in eating habits and pollution
  4. Nutritional deficiencies
  5. Excessive Exercise

Causes of female infertility

  • Ovulation disorder by hormonal changes
  • Uterine or cervical abnormalities
  • Damaged or Blocked Fallopian tube
  • Pelvic adhesions
  • Thyroid and Diabetics problems

Causes of Male infertility

  • Abnormal production of Sperm
  • Sperm delivery issues
  • Overexposure to certain chemicals and toxins

IVF Success Rate in Thoothukudi, Tamil-Nadu

Ashoka Advanced IVF is the first Infertility Hospital in Chhattisgarh with the most experienced Doctors, Medical Staff and state of the ART technologies & laboratory. From the last 30Years, we are persistently maintaining very high success rates of 60 to 70% which is at par with the best in the world. The success rate varies with the age of the female, as with age the quality and number of eggs go down, male fetuses and other hormonal issues.

IVF FAQ Answers

Find all your answers here about IVF in Thoothukudi, Tamil-Nadu, Cost of IVF in Thoothukudi, Tamil-Nadu and infertility issues.

Studies have shown that infertility problems are caused by men and women equally, with 10 per cent of infertility problems being a combination of both.

Having sex every other day at the time of ovulation, most often between days 12-16 of a woman's cycle, is sufficient since sperm live an average of two days.

The fertile window consists of the five days preceding ovulation, and the day of ovulation. Once your egg has emerged from your ovary and arrived in your fallopian tube, it has only between 12 and 24 hours to get fertilized. If there are no sperm waiting, the egg faces a natural demise.

IVF is usually offered as a first-line fertility solution to couples with fallopian tube damage, premature ovarian failure, extensive endometriosis, impaired sperm production or unexplained infertility. It is also recommended to women who do not have a functional uterus. In such a case, a surrogate may be employed to carry a couple’s embryo to term.

It completely depends on the patients Infertility profile. Approximately varies between Rs.65,000 to 1,30,000

You and your partner will need to spend about half a day at the hospital for the egg retrieval and fertilization procedures. You will be invited in about two to three days later for an embryo transfer, or about five to six days later for a blastocyst transfer. Regardless of which of these two routines you are advised, you can expect to leave within a few hours.

There is a common misperception that the ovulation induction, egg retrieval and embryo transfer routines required for IVF entail a great deal of pain. In reality, none of these routines causes as much unease as is often speculated. Ovulation induction via injection is performed through modern pen devices that cause minimal pain. Likewise, egg retrieval is done under general anesthesia, and it’s likely that you will feel no discomfort at all during this time. Embryo transfer is a virtually painless routine, with discomfort during the insertion of the vaginal speculum likened to that of a pap smear.

It's possible to travel while seeking a fertility treatment, provided you plan well. If your fertility treatment requires that you be present at the hospital during specific windows in the month, you can structure your travels to mesh with your treatment dates. Discuss your travel dates with your fertility specialist in advance so that your treatment plan can be tailored to your availability.

It depends on the patient’s medical condition. Sometimes patient may have bloating, headache, breast tenderness, upset stomach and mood swings. But as such not much of Side effects.


We have achieved more than 70% Success Rate. Highest in Thoothukudi, Tamil-Nadu.

M.B.B.S., M.D. (Obst & Gynae.), Ph.D (D.Hum), F.A.C.S. Dip of USG, Dubrovnik, Zagrab (Crotia), Diploma in Gynae Endoscopic surgery, Diploma in IVF & ICSI (Belgium), Medical Director & chief of Ashoka Super Speciality Hospital, Chairperson of Chhattisgarh Chapter of ISAR.

M.Sc. (Clinical Embryology) Leeds University, UK, Senior Embryologist, Director, Ashoka Super Speciality Hospital & Research Pvt. Ltd.

Gynaecologist and Obstetrician, Laparoscopy surgeon, Test Tube baby specialist.

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Treatments Techniques

The most experienced fertility doctors and IVF Experts in Thoothukudi, Tamil-Nadu.


IVF (In-Vitro fertilization) is a highly sophisticated technique used to assist infertile couples in achieving pregnancy..


In IUI Technique, when there is no sperm (Sperm are taken from the donor) or low sperm count and motility, the sperms are washed...


ICSI is much more advance process than IVF where a single spermatozoa is directly injected in to the cytoplasm of oocytes.


IMSI technique is capable of magnifying the image of the sperm 7200 times, thereby allowing doctors to pick the best looking healthier sperms. 


"In Vitro Maturation" the egg are collected from the Ovaries of the woman using ultrasound guideline when they are immature. 

Timelapse System

Time LapseSystem (TLS) have been developed which can take digital images of embryos atfrequent time intervals. 

Laser Assisted Hatching

Laser-assisted hatching can turn around a history of failure for embryos to implant themselves in the uterine wall.

Embryo bank

Embryo banking involves in vitro fertilization, a procedure in which eggs are removed from a woman's ovary and combined with sperm in the laboratory to form embryos.

Blastocyst Culture Transfer

A blastocyst transfer is an embryo transfer which involves transferring one or more embryos that are at a very advanced stage of development, the so-called blastocyst stage.


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